Chapter12 PG20

July 25th, 2019, 5:43 pm

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Author's Comments:



After twelve chapters we've finally come back to the first mystery of the comic! Jupiter's first word ever on Earth... (prologue PG08).

Place your bets! What DOES "Gungitr" mean?



User's Comments:


artificer urza

Almost sounds like Gungnir, which is Odin's spear. Often used as the name for a doomsday weapon project. Probably of no relation whatsoever.



Sounds like Blue heard something that doesn't sit well with Jupiter. Given the situation they're currently in, I'm not sure if that's a good thng or not



@artificer urza: The spellings do look similar.



Jupiter's name @Zimeta08: I've assumed that it's Jupiter's original name, which Earthlings corrupted to 'Jupiter' - something more familiar and kinda similar-sounding.


Scia (Guest)

@V-C: I'm starting to think that they *thought* it was his name, and it became what they called him, but it wasn't his name after all.

(And yeah, I originally thought it was his name, too. ^_^; )

EDIT: I think I'll add that Jupes probably didn't speak any Earth languages at the time. (I mean... *maybe* he did, but it seems less likely. ^_^; ) But yeah, it seems reasonable to assume that they thought that was his name, especially considering he was asked who he was before saying it.

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