Chapter12 PG10

March 12th, 2019, 9:30 pm

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Now Jupiter's reaction to the robot toy back in chapter four (PG14) all makes sense.
I'm guessing Otto did not become the tough guy his dad wanted...



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It's always a problem when parents push their ideas of what someone should be like on to their children.

I know this going to sound ironic, given the nature of the comic, but children are not robots, you can't program them to be exactly the way you want, and they aren't small adults, it is the duty of the parents, teachers, and community to instruct and teach them what is expected of them and provide opportunities for them to become someone that hopefully lead them towards making a better society.


Darth AWQ

The more I hear of Otto's Dad in Hindsight and listening to his dialogue the more I wanna kick is ass up and down a street.

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