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July 26th, 2015, 10:54 pm

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I'm late updating this weekend, but we'll still have three pages. They'll just be over the course of Monday instead. :)

Finally got to draw Jupiter in a constable outfit. We can assume he stopped wearing regular police outfits as time went on because weapons and people kept getting more and more dangerous.

Jupiter sure knows how to be cheesy. He's turning into Gomez Addams before our very eyes!



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Darth AWQ

What a Cutie-Patootie couple Jupiter and Barbra were it's just too much! XD


DeathDragon (Guest)

Gah! It's too much! I can't handle this much cheesiness!! XD



I'm trying to guess the logic behind the name here, as I'm pretty sure Saturn (the God) is the Roman God of Time, and the only things I remember about Saturn (the planet) are that it has a ring and is the lightest member of our Solar System.
Oh and it's the next largest gas giant after Jupiter, so maybe he's thinking of a connection there? Excited for his explanation!

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