Chapter03 PG40

November 27th, 2014, 11:29 am

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Author's Comments:



Kinda looks similar to Blue's brain/plexus. Otto must've learned a lot!
Jupiter's has a darker smokey spot in it, though. Must be some sort of "infection", so to speak.

Still, poor Jupiter. Considering he had shields for so long, even though he has a high pain threshold experiencing it for the first time only recently must be tough.
The way he's opened up is inspired by my adventures in Gross Anatomy lab. Not a lot of people get to dissect a human body in their lifetime but I'm one of them! Crazy times.



User's Comments:



Jupes nooooo ;__;


Leroy (Guest)

*Ca-CHUNK*! *Yoink* *CRACK* Otto: All better Jupes?
Jupiter: Yeah...I think so...
Otto: Alrighty then!
*Slip* *Stitch* *Glue*
Otto: Are we done with this flashback? I've got a box of doughnuts with my name on it.
Jupiter: I believe so...
*Panel fades to the present*
Otto: Wow...that was fast.
Jupiter: Agreed.
Otto: So now what?
Jupiter: I dunno. Zimeta hasn't given me the rest of the script.
Otto: Lunch break?
Jupiter: Lunch break?
Both: Lunch break!


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