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September 22nd, 2014, 5:58 pm

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First bumper illustration with Otto!
I thought it'd be fun to show him in school. Having a hinted-at troubled family life, Otto wasn't the best student in school.
Being around 40 years old in 1985, Otto was a kid during the '50s, and some teachers still used the dunce cap at that time.
They don't use dunce caps anymore (in most places), but some teachers are still evil enough to find new ways to humiliate you. I'm sure we all have horror stories.

Why did Otto get the dunce cap? Who knows! It could be he got into a fight, talked back to the teacher, was lazy with his assignments...
Welp, like Otto said: he's not a prodigy. But, he was tenacious enough to become a successful roboticist. Take that, you naysayers!

I added a little map with the confederate states and union states on it just to give an idea for those who don't know where the South is.



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