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August 20th, 2014, 8:12 am

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My brother (who's a computer nerd) used to do maintenence on my computer once in a while, and he'd always find things he didn't like that I'd installed (with good reason!). I imagine Otto's persnickety in the same way.

Just in case some people missed it, I thought this was a good time to not only introduce Blue's safety programs but also to reestablish that the civil war never took place and the south was allowed to secede in this universe.

Obviously Otto doesn't approve of programs that come from their sister country. But, he might just be biased.

Even though people in the US in our universe jaywalk all the time, technically it's illegal in most states. :-0 A cop can give you a ticket for it. So... watch out when you jaywalk, and beware of the cops - they'll look for any reason to harass you even if there isn't a car for miles!



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Shamormo (Guest)

I can see where you are coming from here. Having to pay a fine for jaywalking is rough, especially for anyone who is strapped for cash at the time (because being unable to pay a fine is a vicious cycle of debt). But crosswalks do make roads - busy roads especially - safer for pedestrians and drivers.

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