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July 25th, 2014, 9:22 am

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30 pages in already!

First bumper illustration!
My theme for the bumper illustrations will be seeing Jupiter and Otto in the past so we can see them growing up -- or "getting older" in Jupiter's case. The illustrations will converge on a certain point in time.
Since I won't be able to show all the places in time Jupiter's been in the regular comic, these illustrations will help convey his age and experience. I plan on going in order of time, so it should be pretty fun.

SO. If there's a certain place and time you want to see Jupiter, go ahead and suggest. Anything after 1000 AD is good.
It doesn't have to be a specific historical incidence to be at -- in fact I'd rather only do a few of those. I don't want to do the silly Hollywood route where he's at every important event ever. But feel free to name a few of those, too.

This first one is a very "young" Jupiter with his first friends who're also the first people who got to study the big guy. Al-Kareem probably brought him there. Finding reference for Muslim clothing from 1000AD is very difficult, so I ended up just using portraits of scholars/scientists from the time as reference. They were doing some very cool stuff at that time -- it was known as the "Islamic Golden Age".



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I love this illustration... the blue of his eyes is so strong here :D



@mitchellbravo: Thanks!



Just him visiting old cities would be super cool. like somewhere in china or Rome

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