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July 10th, 2014, 10:12 am

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It seems Jupiter's never let anyone open him up. Well, can't say I blame him. Any number of things can go wrong.

"Hexagonal"! is this world's form of "cool". My sisters and I figure is "square" is the term for losers, so shapes with more dimension must be "cool". The more complex the shape, the more awesome something is! And that's about it for the slang in the comic. You'll get used to it. :3 Expect other crazy shapes to show up.

Anyone who's seen my character page for Otto or read my description the comic on the first page knows that Otto's asexual. He'll probably discuss it with someone later on in the comic, but might as well repeat it now! I'm not sure whether he likes the nickname, but he doesn't care enough to say anything about it at any rate.



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Rich (Guest)

Well, I guess Jupiter himself must be Dodecagonal! ;) Loving the art Madam Zim :)



@Rich: We'll find out soon enough!


Leroy (Guest)

How about Dodecahedral? That has 12 sides. (and it's the biggest shape I know.

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