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Every time I reach $20, I'll draw an additional page to post for the week.

New Illustration

Getting rid of some stress by painting a realistic Otto. :D

Jupiter Review

Haha, just when I posted something really depressing about my depressing life, some readers posted a nice review of my comic, Jupiter!
Go and give these fellows some likes and subscribes. I'm looking forward to their future reviews:

Lack of comic updates

I just wanted to take a moment to say I'm sorry about the lack of updates for Jupiter.

I've been stressed/depressed for about a year... trying to graduate has been... well, pretty terrible. Probably the worst experience of my life. I could go on, but eh. My problems are my own.
At any rate, finding joy in the projects I actually care about is difficult. That's why I've just been drawing random stress-relieving junk.

I'm not going on hiatus, though. I've just been really, really slow. Thought you guys ought to know! And, thank you for continuing to read the comic. You guys are the best.

200 Fans!

Thanks for reading, y'all! New pages this weekend!

80 fans!

Thank you for reading, guys! Here's a picture of Jupiter, who'll be showing up in the comic soon. :D

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